List of all Activities

Course Numbersort icon Activity Title Hospital Course Director
33 Women's Cancer Program Gynecology Conference DFCI Ross S. Berkowitz, M.D.
117 Anesthesia Grand Rounds - BIDMC BIDMC Alan Lisbon, MD
146 Breast Oncology Seminar Series DFCI Heather A. Parsons, MD, MPH
147 Infectious Disease Case Management Conference BIDMC Wendy Stead MD
164 Urology Grand Rounds and Lecture Series MGH Michael L. Blute, Sr, MD
215 Radiation Oncology Conference BIDMC Abram Recht, MD
224 Quality and Risk Management in Radiology MGH Mannudeep Kalra, MD
251 Gastroenterology Conference MGH Chin Hur, MD
258 HSCT Staff Development Conference DFCI Leslie Lehmann, MD
259 Medical Grand Rounds BIDMC Eileen Reynolds, MD
279 BWH Department of Surgery Surgical Grand Rounds Conference BWH Ali Tavakkoli, MD
280 Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference BWH Edward Whang, MD
364 Longwood Medical Area Ophthalmology Conferences Joslin Jerry D. Cavallerano, OD, PhD
504 Palliative Care Faculty Seminar DFCI Eva Chittenden, MD
523 Surgical Pathology Slide Conference BIDMC Seymour Rosen, MD
595 Endocrine Clinical Conference BIDMC Alan Malabanan, MD
601 Updates in Pediatric Pulmonology BCH Ruobing Wang, MD
646 Longwood Psychiatry Grand Rounds MMHC Robert Boland, MD
663 Medical Management Conference BIDMC Eileen Reynolds, MD
677 Harvard University Health Services Medical Grand Rounds HMS Soheyla Gharib, MD
716 Endocrine Case Discussion Conference BWH Op Hamnvik, MD
736 Gynecology Conference BWH RL Barbieri, MD
739 Surgical Grand Rounds BIDMC Daniel Jones, M.D.
752 MGH Charlestown Counseling and Behavioral Services Continuing Education Seminar Series MGH Sid Mondell, PhD
766 Medical Staff Education - Lectures MIT David V. Diamond, MD
793 Bone Marrow Transplant Grand Rounds DFCI Joseph Antin, MD
862 Urology Grand Rounds BIDMC William C. DeWolf, MD
975 Geriatric Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds BIDMC Susanne Hartmann, MD, MPH
1045 Spinal Cord Injury Grand Rounds VAMC Vidya Jayawardena MD
1050 Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Conference BWH Mark D. Hornstein, M.D.
1075 BIDMC Endocrine Grand Rounds BIDMC Alan Malabanan, MD
1236 Morbidity and Mortality Rounds MEEI Richard E. Gliklich, M.D.
1375 Advanced Psychopharmacology Seminar CHA Michael Chalfin, MD
1910 Psychiatry Grand Rounds MGH Jennifer J. Thomas, Ph.D.
1942 Rheumatology Grand Rounds MGH Mark C. Fisher, MD, MPH
1945 Didactic Conference in Gastroenterology BWH Molly L. Perencevich, MD
1947 Combined Children's Hospital -Brigham and Women's Hospital Allergy/Immunology Conference BCH Lisa Bartnikas, M.D
2004 BWH/F Hospitalist Clinical Update BWH Glen Kim, MD MPH
2087 Hematology Oncology Grand Rounds BIDMC Jon Arnason, MD
2111 Transplant Conference BIDMC Anthony Monaco, MD
2116 MGH Neurosurgery Grand Rounds MGH William Curry, MD
2143 Cardiothoracic Surgery Core Curriculum Series BWH Phillip C. Camp, Jr. MD
2157 BIDMC OB/GYN Grand Rounds BIDMC Hope Ricciotti, MD
2160 Quality Rounds BWH Allen Kachalia, MD, JD
2169 Rheumatology Clinical Conference BIDMC Lisa M. Fitzgerald, M.D.
2245 Orthopaedic Surgery Quality Assurance BIDMC Ayesha Abdeen, MD
2250 Professional Development Series in Medical Education BIDMC Grace Huang, MD
2277 Radiology Grand Rounds BIDMC Ammar Sarwar, MD
2282 Cardiology Grand Rounds at BIDMC BIDMC Richard L. Verrier, Ph.D.
2328 Abdominal Imaging/QA Conference BIDMC Koenraad J. Mortele, MD
2338 MGH Cancer Center Grand Rounds MGH
2372 MMHC Noon Conference Series MMHC Mark Viron, MD
2408 Dermatology Longwood Area Grand Rounds BIDMC Peggy Wu, MD
2410 Radiation Oncology AM Conference BWH Harvey Mamon, MD
2411 Radiation Oncology General Chart Rounds BWH Harvey Mamon, MD
2429 Pediatric GI and Nutrition Journal Club and Clinical Conference MGH Gary J. Russell, MD
2439 Laboratory Medicine Case Conference BIDMC Kerry L. O’Brien, MD
2447 Shoulder Conference and Sports Medicine MGH Luke S. Oh, MD
2471 Imaging Solutions for Scientific Communication HMS Janine Zieg, PhD
2482 Dept of Neonatology Morbidity and Mortality BIDMC Munish Gupta, MD MMSc
2506 Pediatric Transplant Center Weekly Meetings BCH Heung Bae Kim, MD
2513 Pediatric Oncology Tumor Board DFCI Jennifer Mack, MD, MPH
2516 Child Mental Health Forum Judge Baker Children's Center Claudio O. Toppelberg, MD
2529 Osher Integrative Medicine Clinical Conference BWH Darshan Mehta, MD
2548 Genetics Walk Rounds BCH Joan M. Stoler, M.D.
2554 Otolaryngology Lecture Series MEEI Stacey T. Gray, M.D.
2561 MGH Dermatology Grand Rounds MGH Stephen M. Ostrowski, MD
2562 DFCI Melanoma/Cutaneous Noon Conference DFCI Jennifer Y. Lin, M.D.
2620 BWH/DFCI Neuro-Oncology Conference BWH Eudocia Quant Lee, MD, MPH
2626 Complex Problems in Cardiothoracic Surgery BWH Prem Shekar, M.D.
2628 BWH Dermatopathology Conference BWH Martin C. Mihm, Jr., MD
2634 BIDMC Plastic Surgery Division Rounds BIDMC Bernard T. Lee, MD
2645 Harvard Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds BWH Kyle Eberlin, MD
2654 DF/BWCC Head and Neck Rounds DFCI Jochen Lorch, MD
2668 Breast Radiology Pathology Correlation Conference BIDMC Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH
2681 BWH Radiation Oncology Mortality and Morbidity Rounds BWH Raymond H. Mak, MD
2692 New Patient Conference MGH David Ryan, MD
2693 Attending's Conference MGH Dror Michaelson, MD
2701 BWH Dermatology Grand Rounds BWH Manisha Thakuria, MD
2733 Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds CHA Kathleen Harney, MD
2734 Psychiatry Grand Rounds CHA Marshall Forstein, M.D.
2735 Cambridge Breast Center Conference CHA Lisa Weissmann, MD
2739 Medicine Grand Rounds CHA Ira L. Mintzer MD
2741 Surgical Conferences (M&Ms, Grand and Combined Rounds) CHA Ketan Sheth, MD
2743 Pediatric Grand Rounds CHA Deborah Glotzer, MD
2748 CHA Tumor Boards CHA Heidi Rayala, MD
2749 Gastrointestinal Pathology Course CHA Rebecca A. Osgood, MD
2781 Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Conference MGH Michael A. Fifer, MD
2782 MGH Cardiology Mortality and Morbidity Conference MGH Robert Leinbach, MD
2788 BWH ORL M&M Conference BWH Laura A. Gougen, MD
2789 MGH Orthopedic Grand Rounds MGH Andrew A. Freiberg, MD
2795 Longwood Orthopedic Grand Rounds BWH Mark C. Gebhardt, MD
2806 Echocardiography Laboratory Conference at the BIDMC BIDMC Warren J. Manning, MD
2831 Emergency Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference BIDMC Carrie Tibbles, MD
2842 Emergency Medicine Joint Conferences CHA Benjamin Milligan, MD
2867 Medical Education Grand Rounds HMS David A. Hirsh, M.D.
2886 Professional Development Series for Primary Care BIDMC Jennifer Beach, MD
2896 Psychosocial Oncology Grand Rounds DFCI Ilana Braun, MD
2905 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Network Grand Rounds DFCI Craig Bunnell, MD, MPH, MBA
2906 BWH OB/GYN Grand Rounds BWH RL Barbieri, MD
2911 Clinical Research Team Rounds BIDMC Alan Lisbon, MD
2913 Surgical Morbidity and Mortality BIDMC Jonathan Critchlow, MD
2915 General Internal Medicine Grand Rounds at BIDMC BIDMC John Butter, MD
2919 Dermatology Morbidity and Mortality Conference BWH Alice Watson, MD
2927 BWH ORL Presentation BWH Laura A. Gougen, MD
2937 Neuroradiology CHA Rachel Nardin MD
2951 Spine Indications Conference BIDMC Umesh S. Metkar, MD
2959 Cardiology Grand Rounds MGH Krishna Aragam, MD
2960 Mental Health Grand Rounds VAMC Lynn DeLisi, MD
2967 Multidisciplinary Breast Tumor Board BIDMC Ranjna Sharma, MD
2976 Cardiac Arrhythmia Service Morbidity and Mortality Conference MGH David Milan, MD
2981 Medical/Surgical GI conference BIDMC Tyler Berzin MD
2983 HMS Academy Faculty Development Series HMS Richard Schwartzstein, MD
2992 Vascular Center Multidisciplinary Carotid Conference MGH Javier Romero, MD
2993 BIDMC Gastrointestinal Oncology Tumor Board BIDMC Diane Savarese, MD
2994 Division of Respiratory Diseases Case Review and M&M conference BCH Ruobing Wang, MD
2997 Cancer Imaging Program Weekly Seminar DFCI Fiona Fennessy, MD PhD
2998 DFCI/BWH Neuro Oncology Brain Tumor Board DFCI Lakshmi Nayak, MD
3001 Cardiology Clinical Conference at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center BIDMC Michael Gavin, MD
3002 Hematologic Malignancy Clinical Care Conference DFCI Lewis Silverman, MD
3004 Complications of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy BIDMC Richard Doyle, MD
3011 Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds BIDMC Carrie Tibbles, MD
3012 Pediatric Hematology Rounds BCH Cameron Trenor, MD, MMSc
3018 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Meeting BWH Sayeed Malek, MD
3025 Gamuts in Interventional Radiology MGH T. Gregory Walker, MD
3027 Pancreaticobiliary Multidisciplinary Conference BIDMC Koenraad J. Mortele, MD
3028 Simulation in MGH Imaging: Contrast and Emergency Management with Team Training MGH Gloria Salazar, MD
3030 DF/BWCC Melanoma Lecture Series DFCI F. Stephen Hodi, MD
3035 Renal Grand Rounds MGH Eugene Rhee, MD
3036 Seminars in Genitourinary Oncology DFCI Christopher Sweeney, MBBS
3044 BWH Dermatology/Rheumatology Meeting BWH Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD, MPH
3045 Harvard Newborn Epidemiology & Clinical Research Seminar BIDMC John AF Zupancic, MD
3047 Breast Imaging Journal Club MGH Mansi Saksena, MD
3053 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center NeuroOncology Conference BIDMC Erik Uhlmann, MD
3054 Seminars in Hospital Medicine BIDMC Marisa Jupiter, MD
3058 DF/HCC Clinical Investigator Education Series DFCI Jeffrey W. Clark, MD
3059 Urology Lecture Series BWH Quoc Dien Trinh, MD
3060 BWH Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine Grand Rounds BWH Sule Cataltepe, MD
3063 Urologic Cancer M&M Conference BWH Quoc Dien Trinh, MD
3064 Neurosurgery Case Conference BIDMC Martina Stippler, MD
3065 Longwood Area Diabetes and Metabolism Research Seminar Series Joslin Mary Elizabeth Patti, MD
3066 Dialysis Access Morbidity and Mortality Conference BIDMC Bradley M. Denker, MD
3067 Clinical Diabetes and Metabolism Conference Series and Adult Diabetes Conference Series Joslin Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD
3068 BIDMC Psychiatry Morbidity and Mortality Conference BIDMC Rohn S. Friedman, M.D.
3069 Cognitive Neurology / Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Grand Rounds BIDMC Sara Hoffschmidt, PhD
3071 Institute for Heart, Vascular, and Stroke Care Multidisciplinary Venous Conference MGH Julianne Stoughton, MD
3073 Pediatric Heme/Onc Clinical Grand Rounds Lecture Series DFCI Kira Bona, MD, MPH
3075 BIDMC Pulmonary and Critical Care Grand Rounds BIDMC Jakob McSparron MD
3076 Department of Pathology Morbidity & Mortality Conference BIDMC Yael K. Heher, MD, MPH
3077 Pulmonary and Critical Care Case Conference BIDMC Asha Anandaiah, MD
3078 Sarcoma Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Management Conference DFCI Priscilla Merriam, MD
3079 BIDMC Hematology/Oncology Topics in Oncology BIDMC Deepa Rangachari, MD
3080 Glomerular Disease Case Conference BIDMC Ali Poyan Mehr M.D.
3081 Monthly BOTSOGO Tumor Board MGH Jason Efstathiou, MD, PhD
3082 Harvard Clinical Informatics Lecture Series HMS Adam Landman, MD
3083 BIDMC Neuroradiology Case Conference BIDMC Rafael Rojas, MD
3084 Liver Tumor Multidisciplinary Conference BIDMC Raza Malik, MD
3085 Inflammatory Bowel Disease QI Case Conference BIDMC Joseph Feuerstein, MD

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